Nicked factory worker asks ‘don’t you know who I am?’

The scenes unfolded on the street outside Blue Lounge
The scenes unfolded on the street outside Blue Lounge

It’s the diva-ish demand you’d expect to come out of the mouths of footballers and pop stars – not a factory worker from Scarborough.

Yet shift worker Liam Poole still asked “do you know who I am” to police as they had the cheek to arrest him for his role in a late-night scuffle.

But at his Scarborough Magistrates’ Court hearing, Poole wasn’t portrayed as a high-flying A-lister, and was instead painted as a debt-plagued 25-year-old who fled to Scarborough to escape shady underworld figures back in Sheffield.

He had been enjoying a night on the tiles in Blue Lounge when his mood changed, clashing with bouncers before lunging over the railing to have a go at a female doorman.

His wild antics caught the eye of police who came over to intervene, but his anger only grew.

After one officer stuck a knee into his thigh to subdue him, he came out with the embarrassing line – before telling officers that he would ‘get them done’.

As he lay on the ground, he screamed: “You are dead mate -– I’m going to have you all!”

“I think it’s fair to say he’s ashamed of his conduct,” said his solicitor Shaun Greenan at the Monday hearing.

That unruly conduct occurred in the early hours of August 9. Friends said that Poole hadn’t even been drinking very heavily prior to the incident, claiming his drinks may even have been spiked.

He was enjoying a rare night off, with the court hearing that Poole works seven days a week as he looks to clear off a £3,500 debt he racked up in South Yorkshire to who his solicitor called more “criminally sophisticated” crooks.

He had moved over with his kind-hearted stepmother, who has taken in him in as he looked to change his life around.

But those rare nights out are set to become even rarer after magistrates slapped him with a three-month curfew.

He will have to wear an electronic tag on his ankle to ensure he stays inside his Stanley Court home between the hours of 7.30pm and 5.30am.

But in further mitigation, Mr Greenan said that despite Poole losing his cool, he never hit anybody in the skirmish, adding: “He’s a young man 
who has turned his life around.”

As part of his community order, Poole will have to pay £210 which includes a £60 court surcharge.