‘Numpty’ builder guilty of carrying illegal hash stash

Scarborough Justice Centre. Picture Richard Ponter 141126b
Scarborough Justice Centre. Picture Richard Ponter 141126b

A self-employed builder who was caught by a police drug dog was branded a “numpty” in court.

Gavin Kerrigan’s hash stash was sniffed out by the force’s dog one night in March in Harcourt Place.

While the weed was just for personal use, it was enough to land the 34-year-old in court where he admitted possessing the Class B drug.

And at Monday’s Scarborough Magistrates’ Court hearing, he was labelled a “bit of a numpty” by court clerk Martin Fozard.

The court heard he had prioritised satisfying his nicotine addiction over paying his court fines.

After Kerrigan took the stand, it emerged he had made little effort to pay his outstanding debts, while he splashed out £25 per week on cigarettes.

But under oath, Kerrigan told the court that it wasn’t just the money to the court he was struggling to pay.

“I’m literally this close to becoming insolvent,” said Kerrigan, of St Thomas Street.

“I’m struggling to find money to pay bills.”

Fining the “habitual” cannabis smoker £200, the bench were blunt with Kerrigan, warning him that he will be “looking at a custodial sentence” if he doesn’t pay monies owed to the court.

He also has to pay a £20 surcharge.