Operation aims to stamp out bike thefts crime

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SCARBOROUGH Police have launched a new initiative to tackle bike thieves operating in the town.

Operation Bikestamp aims to reduce thefts by making it easier for owners to have their bikes security marked.

Members of the public are now able to contact local officers directly to arrange an appointment to have their bikes stamped.

PC Jonathan Sygrove, of the Scarborough Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “After a small rise in cycle thefts in Scarborough, we have been working hard to tackle the problem and have recovered a number of cycles.

“We are having a bit of trouble reuniting the bikes with their owners as most of them are not security marked or there is no photo or detailed description of the items.

“Operation Bikestamp will enable us to get more and more bikes security marked therefore making it much easier to return stolen bikes with their rightful owners.”

All people have to do is get in touch via a dedicated email address at bikestamp.scarborough@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or call 101 and leave a message for the Scarborough Bikestamp team.