Order was broken for the second time

MAGISTRATES warned a Scarborough man he was “drinking in the last chance saloon” after breaching his community order for a second time.

Shaun Drake, 24, of Dale Edge, Eastfield, admitted breaching an order for unpaid work by failing to attend appointments on July 25 and August 1.

The order was imposed in February and was breached for the fist time in May.

Drake was also before the court for non payment of fines with a sum of £55 outstanding.

His solicitor Franklyn Garvey said his client was “well aware the ice is getting thinner”.

He added that Drake maintains the probation office was closed when he turned up on one occasion. However this is disputed by probation.

Mr Garvey also said that Drake had completed some of his unpaid work and had received good reports from his supervisors.

The defendant was ordered to complete 50 additional hours of unpaid work for the breach.

For the fines matter he was ordered to pay £55 in full in seven days or be taken into custody.