Paedophile is jailed after years of abuse


A judge told a cunning paedophile he was a predatory sex-offender who deserved to be punished severely for sexual cruelty to five boys aged from 12 to 17 in Scarborough and Bridlington.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Alan Fisher, 51, he showed no compassion when he committed 20 sex offences, including five rapes.

Jailing Fisher for 19 years, Judge Richardson, QC, told Fisher: “During you trial you showed no remorse and accused each of your victim of being liars, when in truth you are a malicious liar. You are a predatory sexual criminal who deserves to be punished severely for the sexual cruelty you visited on your victims. They were all vulnerable adolescents who were disadvantaged in different ways. You repeated your sexual depravity several times over.”

Fisher of Manhamhill, Eastfield, Scarborough, appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court today (October 4) after he was found guilty of 11 charges of indecent assault on males, five charges of rape, one charge of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three charges of indecency with a child. He abused boys first in Scarborough, but when he ran into difficulties moved to Bridlington to find more.

Defence barrister Patricia Doherty told the court Fisher had spent his 51st birthday in prison. She said: “He has lost everything. He has lost his family. He has lost his accommodation and he has lost his friends.”

The court heard Fisher engaged in 20 sex acts and constantly got away with it because the teenagers did not want to report it. He filmed some with spy cameras aimed at rooms they slept in. One even believed he made a video of the abuse and sold it. Another said he was abused after his drink was spiked. Police were shocked to find a pin-hole camera in a plant pot and naked video of a boy in Fisher’s flat in South Cliff Road, Scarborough. When his home in Manhamhill was searched in September 2011 they discovered wiring running from the living room to the bedroom to with a pin hole in a shoe box lid pointing at the bed.

Judge Richardson told Fisher his crimes had a pattern of building trust over a long period before enticing the teenager into bed. He took one scuba-diving, helped another get a job, and two find accommodation in Bridlington.

“You showed no genuine compassion towards your victims,” said Judge Richardson, QC. “ I saw the anguish of the victims in all, but the last case. Four of them were extra-ordinarily badly affected. That affect was palpable in the court room. Each of your victims was anguished, but remotely stoical in the face of adversity. Your crimes were orchestrated against young vulnerable men. They had to suffer the indignity of giving evidence against you. You must be punished and punished severely.”

Fisher led a turbulent life as a burglar, criminal, and violent man since 1986. His record included six thefts, seven burglaries, three charges of drink diving, one arson, two cases of causing actual bodily harm, affray, one criminal damage and one possession of an offensive weapon.

He said he had worked as a painter, a salesman of stolen goods, fishing boat shareholder, property developer and latterly mobile phone repair man. He lived at a string of homes including Eastfield, and Princess Square, Scarborough, before moving to Harewood Avenue and South Cliff Road, Bridlington, at one point changing his name to Alan Watson to escape drug dealers.

One of his victims was in court to see Fisher sentenced and applauded when the judge announced the sentence of 19 years. He said: “Justice has been done. I am pleased with 19 years. He has wrecked a lot of lives, but not anymore.”