Pair found passed out on ground near school

A SCARBOROUGH man and woman have been fined after being found drunk on a grass verge near a primary school.

David Shaun Bateman, 26, of Willow Garth, and Rachel Hayton, 26, of Northstead Flats, admitted the charge of being drunk and incapable in a public place during a hearing at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard how they were found passed out in North Leas Avenue at 4pm on September 28.

Catherine Turnbull, prosecuting, told the court how a member of the public had flagged down police officers after seeing the pair collapsed on a grass verge near St Peter’s Primary School.

She said: “They were head to head in a foetal position with a bottle of vodka between them.

“The police tried to rouse them. The woman was completely unresponsive and it took a good few minutes to wake her.

“It was the same with the gentleman. They were then arrested due to their incapable state.”

Miss Turnbull added that there were a number of people, including women with small children, in the area at the time.

Bateman, representing himself, said: “I was a mistake. We didn’t mean to get that drunk.”

Hayton added: “It was just really stupid. We didn’t realise how much we’d had to drink until we left the house, then it hit us.”

She apologised and said she felt “awful” about it, adding: “It’s not a nice thing for children to see.”

The pair were fined £50 each and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.