Parish councillor jailed after drugs find


A PARISH councillor who described himself as an “anti-drugs role model” has been slammed by a judge for his “nauseating hypocrisy” after admitting his part in running a large cannabis factory.

Stephen Crowther, 57, formerly a “pillar of the community”, was jailed for 15 months after police found 123 plants with a street value of nearly £7,000 in the unit he had rented out opposite his haulage business premises.

They also found cannabis plants, electrical equipment and a tent used for growing the plants in his work van and discovered he was planning to expand, using a second premises nearby.

He had previously been admired as a councillor in Flamborough for his work with youngsters and his crusade against illegal drugs - but he was forced to resign after pleading guilty.

He even lied to the courts in an attempt to save his skin at an earlier hearing - conjuring up a “catalogue of lies” involving a fictional character called ‘Gypsy John’ and a make-believe drive to Monte Carlo.

Sentencing Crowther at Hull Crown Court yesterday, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said: “Given your evidence about your anti-drugs stance and how you presented yourself as a pillar of the community as a councillor, you presented a catalogue of lies with a nauseating mixture of hypocrisy.

“You purported in public to be anti-drugs and yet in private you were involved in this crime. You served the community well and started a youth committee, but you have done them a grave disservice.

“You permitted individuals to use your premises for the manufacturing of drugs and you knew full well what was going on.”