‘Party drugs’ on top of wardrobe

A DRUG trafficker had 23 bags of illegal party drugs worth more than £2,240 on top of a wardrobe when police raided his home in Scarborough, a court heard.

Detectives searched Barry Woolass’s address after £40 worth of amphetamine with his finger print was thrown over the wall at Everthorpe Prison, near Hull, along with a SIM card and a mobile telephone in a contraband pack.

Police matched the print to records and a raid at High Garth, Eastfield, was carried out when the 23 bags of drugs was found along with supply equipment, Hull Crown Court heard.

Officers found a CS canister spray under his bed, electric scales and £467.

The court heard Woolass had a lengthy record with 20 court appearances for 39 offences which started in January 2003 and included racially-aggravated public order, theft and money laundering.

He had a conviction at York Crown Court in October 2008 for possession of cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis with intent to supply.

Woolass, 24, of High Garth, Eastfield, appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court after admitting a charge of possession of amphetamine with intent to supply, possession of criminal property, possession of a prohibited weapon and the supply of amphetamine.

He was not linked to the throwing of the drugs into prison.

Defence barrister Patrick Palmer said: “He was taking amphetamine. Like so many others he thought he could handle it. It got to the stage he could not. He had no idea the wrap of drug he either gave or sold to someone else would be sent into a prison.

“There are no assets from minor drug dealing. He accepts this was wrong. He has come off drugs and expressed remorse.”

Sentencing, Judge Simon Jack said: “You have a variety of previous convictions most notably in October 2008 where you were sentenced to 12 months for possession of class A, B and C drugs with intent to supply.

“The offence I have to deal with today was committed two years after that prison sentence. You knew when you committed this offence that you risked a prison sentence. That is what is going to happen.”

He ordered he should be jailed for 12 months. He said he would serve half, less the 93 days he has already spent in custody.

He also ordered the destruction of the drugs and agreed Woolass had benefited from crime to the tune of £2,240 and seized the available £430 held by the police.