Patrols begin for ‘visible’ camera

North Yorkshire Police's mobile speed camera van
North Yorkshire Police's mobile speed camera van

A MOBILE police camera will be on the lookout for speeding Scarborough motorists for the first time today.

The vehicle will be patrolling the A64 and A171 roads out of Scarborough and at other locations throughout North Yorkshire.

Drivers who are snapped speeding by the state-of-the-art camera could be handed fines, penalty points or be hauled before the courts.

Police say they have introduced the van, which is also capable of detecting drivers using mobile phones or not wearing seatbelts, in an effort to reduce casualties on the region’s roads.

Tim Madgwick, temporary deputy chief constable, said: “There has been much criticism of safety cameras over the years.

“However, my message is stop and think about the 36 people who have been killed on our roads over the last three years because of excessive or inappropriate speed, not to mention the hundreds who have been injured.

“It is a fact that speed kills, no ifs or buts about it, and we are determined to reduce the casualty toll on our roads.”

North Yorkshire was previously the only area in the country to have no fixed or mobile police speed cameras.

Police cklaim the grey van is “highly-visible,” although it lacks any of the illuminous markings which are used on stationary cameras or police vans

The camera technology used within the van can detect the speed of approaching and receding traffic from up to 1,000 metres away and captures 360 degree images of its location.

Police claim device is particularly effective at detecting motorcycles and produces high-quality images of vehicles and their riders or drivers.

Despite high-profile education and enforcement campaigns over several years, 20 bikers died on North Yorkshire roads during 2010.

Data has also revealed that excessive or inappropriate speed has been responsible for 24 per cent of all road deaths in North Yorkshire over the past three years.

First-time offenders who are caught by the camera travelling marginally over the speed limit will be offered the chance to attend a speed awareness course at a cost of £93.

The course is designed to educate motorists on the importance of driving safely. Those attending the course will not have their licence endorsed with a speeding offence.