Pensioner awaits sentence

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

When police raided the Scarborough flat of a 70-year-old man they uncovered several hundred indecent images of children.

David Strickland, of Queen’s Parade, appeared before York Crown Court on Friday and pleaded guilty to a total of 17 offences; 14 of making indecent photographs of a child, two of making indecent images depicting children and one of possessing indecent photographs of a child.

The offences, covering a period between October 2010 and February, last year, involved 338 images in total.

The court was told that in 2002 Strickland had been jailed for similar offending.

Alan Mitcheson, prosecuting, said that the present offences came to light when police officers executed a search warrant at Strickland’s address and took away several pieces of recording and storage equipment.

Although Martin Sharpe, defending, said his client expected a prison sentence and asked the court to deal with him on Friday without a report by the probation service, The Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, said that he not only had to take into consideration Strickland’s interests, but also those of the public.

He said that he wanted an investigation into what danger, if any, Strickland may pose in the future and therefore requested a pre-sentence report.

Telling Strickland that he had pleaded guilty to serious offences, the judge remanded him on bail to live at an address in Leeds until a sentencing hearing on August 9.

He added that the fact that he was being granted bail, or that a report was being ordered, should not be taken by Strickland as any kind of promise, all sentencing options remaining open.