Plant bed vandal in court

A MAN who threw flowers at a parked car in Scarborough before kicking its wing mirror has appeared in court.

Allister Frankland, 50, of Castle Road, pleaded guilty before Scarborough magistrates to two charges of criminal damage.

The incidents were captured on CCTV as Frankland walked along North Street on Thursday, May 12.

Prosecuting, Sandra White said; “As he walks down North Street Mr Frankland is seen to be grasping hold of several plants in the flower beds, ripping them out and throwing them at a green Nissan Micra.

“He kicked out at a green refuse bin, then moved closer to the Micra before kicking the wing mirror, causing the glass to smash.

“The owner of the vehicle was contacted by police and she confirmed glass had been broken and the vehicle was scratched.”

Ms White told the court Frankland has a “lengthy record” with 56 convictions for 89 offences, most of which were alcohol related.

She said: “His past record clearly shows he is an alcoholic as most of the offences are related to the consumption of alcohol.”

One the charges faced by Frankland for criminal damage was against the Nissan Micra, while the other was against the plants belonging to Scarborough Council.

Mitigating, Marcus Topham told magistrates that Frankland does not regularly commit offences of criminal damage.

He said: “He is very well known to the courts, however his last conviction for damage was more than a year ago.

“It is not an offence he is prone to commit on a regular basis.

“On this occasion there had been some accident with a lady friend of his.

“He called an ambulance, but one of his drinking friends would not assist him until the ambulance arrived.

“He was frustrated because of this, taking it out initially on the flower beds, then on this unknown car.

“As soon as he sobered up the next day he made a full admission and apologised for it.”

After hearing the evidence magistrates ordered Frankland to pay a £50 fine and £80 compensation for the criminal damage to the car, as well as £15 victim surcharge.

No separate penalty was awarded for the criminal damage to the flower beds.