Points penalty for motorist with no insurance

A SCARBOROUGH driver caught with no insurance has been hit with a huge points penalty.

Richard Debaughn, of Colescliffe Road, was stopped by officers in Barrowcliff Road in November.

When police checked his vehicle they found it was not covered by third party insurance.

Debaughn, 41, also did not have a valid driving licence when asked by officers.

Debaughn, who represented himself in court, admitted he had made a mistake.

He said: “I bought the car to do it up and make some money on it.

“I was driving it to get it on to another lad’s drive to do the work when I got stopped.

“There is no excuse.”

Chairman of the bench, Mike Dineen, told Debaughn he was at a loss to understand his actions when he clearly knew he was in the wrong.

He added: “I cannot get my head around why you thought you could drive on the road when you jolly well knew you had no insurance.”

After handing Debaughn eight points on his licence, magistrates also fined him £200 and ordered him to pay £45 costs.