Police boost as incidents down 10%

CRIME in the Castle Ward area of Scarborough is down by 10 per cent - despite a series of high-profile incidents over the summer.

PC Martin Pullan gave the update on crime over the past six months to residents attending the Castle Ward Tenants and Residents Association meeting.

“There have been a few robberies in the town which can cause concern, but we have had success with them - people have been arrested and charged and our detection rate on robberies is up,” PC Pullan said.

“It is often the case that the victim and offender are known to each other. We don’t get many stranger robberies.”

Sexual offences rose by 250 per cent over the six-month period from April, with seven taking place compared to two in the same period last year. Two of the offences were alleged rapes and arrests have been made.

PC Pullan also issued a warning on fraud, saying criminals had tampered with cash machines in the town centre by installing tiny hidden cameras.

“You’re better off using a cash machine in a branch if possible,” he said. “If not always put your hand over the numbers.”

Burglaries of homes fell by more than 50 per cent, with just seven taking place in Castle Ward since April. Although no-one has been arrested yet, PC Pullan said he expected progress to be made soon.

Vehicle crime in the area fell by 65 per cent with a 77 per cent reduction in thefts of vehicles. There had also been a reduction in violent crimes.

“Drugs are an increasing problem all over the country,” PC Pullan added. “We got an arrest in July where a male was stopped in a vehicle and a lot of drugs were found. He has been charged with the supply of cannabis and possession of cocaine with intent to supply. We are now looking ahead to mischief night, Halloween and Christmas and pre-empting problems with extra staff.”

PC Pullan also appealed to the public to keep police informed of any issues so that they know where to focus their efforts.