Police drive to combat drinkers

One of the signs put up to prevent drinking in the street  113055b
One of the signs put up to prevent drinking in the street 113055b

SCARBOROUGH police have vowed to crackdown on street drinking after fears it was ruining the town’s tourist appeal.

Scarborough Chamber of Trade had raised concerns highlighting the increasing tirade of alcohol-fuelled abuse meted out to visitors by high street drinkers.

The group identified a number of Scarborough hotspots where drinking was particularly rife, including Aberdeen Walk, parts of the Old Town and Alma Square, claiming the areas were diluting the town’s status as a premier holiday destination.

Anyone flouting the law against drinking in public could be fined up to £500.

Members wrote to the town’s police force expressing their despair at the situation, adding they believed the perpetuation of street drinking would lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour.

Chris Golder, chairman of Scarborough Chamber of Trade, said: “Members have become increasingly alarmed over the number of people seen openly drinking alcohol in the street in the town centre.

“The main concern is the damage this may do to people’s confidence in shopping in Scarborough and also the message it sends out.”

However, Inspector Tony Quinn from Scarborough Police, said the force were committed to driving down anti-social behaviour. “These concerns are shared by myself and my colleagues and we all feel a responsibility to uphold the law a and also ensure Scarborough remains a safe and attractive place to live and visit.

“It is addressed on a daily basis by officers which involves patrolling the town centre, visiting hotspots, confiscating alcohol and preventing crime.”