Police hail drop in crime figures

Drop Folder Malton / ATEX News. 08/10/10. 'Malton Police Drug Raids.'Police officers at scene of raid in Norton.'104077e
Drop Folder Malton / ATEX News. 08/10/10. 'Malton Police Drug Raids.'Police officers at scene of raid in Norton.'104077e

NEW figures suggest crime in Scarborough is falling against a national backdrop which is seeing offences creep up.

The statistics, from April 1 to June 30, reveal a reduction of 301 crimes in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, with offences down from 2,006 to 1,705.

It continues a trend which has seen crime fall continuously over the last six years. Last year recorded crime across the Scarborough borough dropped to a new low of 7,340 offences, against 7,592, 8,176, 8,517, 9,001, 9,986, and 10,764, in the six preceding years.

Inspector Tony Quinn from Scarborough Police believes the trend of falling crime is primarily as a result of “Team Scarborough” – residents and agencies taking pride in the borough and working together to ensure it is a place they are happy to live and others want to visit.

He said: “If people didn’t care they wouldn’t ring and tell us when they see crime and anti-social behaviour, but they do. They also hold us to account when problems occur which is healthy and keeps us focused. Perhaps most tellingly they get up and tackle crime themselves via Neighbourhood Watch and many other voluntary organisations.”

However, recently released figures show that, while overall crime has fallen, anti-social behaviour is continuing to rise. with 397 incidents reported in April - the highest yet.

North Yorkshire Police continues to target operations at persistent offenders and “hot spot” locations, building on previous initiatives to reduce offending in particular at night.

Funding has been made available to continue the Night Marshal scheme for a further three years until March 2014, with the cash coming from a Government Performance Reward Grant given to North Yorkshire County Council in recognition of achievements made across the county in reducing crime and disorder. Other initiatives have been introduced aimed at reducing alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour, including the Youth Angel Scheme, which involves volunteers working on the streets.