Police probe Spa vandalism

POLICE are hunting vandals who smashed toilets at the newly renovated Spa Complex.

The damage was in the new gents toilets when a divider between two of the urinals was kicked off the wall and pipes were also damaged.

It took place just before midnight on Sunday (May 15) during the Miss Scarborough final and it is not known how much the damage will cost to repair.

Jeremy Hartill, the executive manager of the Spa Complex, said it was sad that a mindless act of vandalism had spoiled what was an otherwise successful event.

He added: “They smashed a urinal up and kicked a few of the u-bends. It’s very sad that people want to damage a public facility and it’s very sad that people want to mar what was a successful evening.”

The matter was reported to North Yorkshire Police when the damage was discovered.

Staff at the venue checked CCTV footage but there was no coverage for the area in question.

Inspector Tony Quinn, of the Scarborough Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “This is an utterly disgraceful and mindless act of vandalism that will inconvenience both residents and visitors to Scarborough who use the Spa complex.

“As there was an event taking place at the Spa, prior to the damage being reported, I am positive that someone will have witnessed some unusual behaviour or people acting in a suspicious manner.

“I urge anyone who knows anything about those responsible to come forward as soon as possible.”

Work to refurbish the historic seaside venue was only just completed earlier this month.

The first event was a performance by the world-famous Bolshoi Orchestra on Saturday, May 7.

The year-long £6.5 million refurbishment centred on the Grand Hall and saw a major redevelopment of the Grade II listed Victorian concert hall, reception areas and offices.

The excavation of the Grand Hall’s new basement turned up some new evidence of the site’s rich heritage when contractors found material from the previous buildings which showed the site had been in constant change since the discovery of the Spa waters.

Anyone with any information about the vandal attack is urged to contact Scarborough Police on 0845 6060247.