Police reveal baa-rmy sheep calls

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POLICE have appealed for motorists using a route into Scarborough to be more sheepish about reporting lambs on the road after mistaking sculptures for the real thing!

Officers this week revealed they received two calls from drivers claiming to have seen sheep near a roundabout on the A165 at Reighton.

However, the animals are in fact part of the new Dotterel Shepherd sculpture designed by artist Ronald Falck.

The sculpture, installed in March this year, shows a shepherd and his dog battling the elements to keep his flock of five sheep safe while cradling a lamb to protect it from the weather.

The artistic creation was supported by Reighton Parish Council and received £3,000 from Scarborough Council.

Mr Falck said: “Viewed from a distance, the Shepherd was intended to be a powerful and a distinctive silhouette against some magnificent skies.

“He is meant to be a heritage sculpture for this area with a message about the dedication and care in the farming community.”