Police speed camera locations revealed

North Yorkshire Police's mobile speed camera van
North Yorkshire Police's mobile speed camera van

MOBILE police speed cameras will continue to monitor Scarborough motorists this week.

North Yorkshire Police yesterday confirmed that the cameras will patrol the A171 from Scarborough to the Cleveland border, the A64 from Scarborough to York and the A165 from Scarborough to the Humberside border, as well as other roads throughout North Yorkshire.

The camera – one of which films from the small back window of a grey-coloured van – will monitor the sites from today until Wednesday next week, when locations will once again be disclosed by North Yorkshire Police.

Police claim that the mobile speed cameras have been introduced to save lives.

The camera technology used within the van can detect the speed of approaching and receding traffic from up to 1,000 metres away and captures 360 degree images of its location.

Police claim the device is particularly effective at detecting motorcycles and produces high-quality images of vehicles and their riders or drivers.

Despite high-profile education and enforcement campaigns over several years, 20 bikers died on North Yorkshire roads during 2010. The cameras are initially patrolling North Yorkshire roads on a six-month trial basis and will raise revenue. Drivers caught speeding face fines, prosecution or may be offered the chance to attend a course – costing £93.