Police warning for drink drivers

POLICE in Scarborough have warned they are still on the lookout for drink drivers despite their Christmas campaign coming to an end.

The warning comes after a 35-year-old local woman provided a positive breath test when police stopped her on Seamer Road on Wednesday morning, after a member of the public expressed concerns about her manner of driving.

She has been fast-tracked to appear at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court later this month after being charged with drink driving.

Thirty people have been killed and nearly 800 injured because of drink drivers on North Yorkshire’s roads in the past five years.

Inspector Dave Brown, Head of Road Policing for North Yorkshire Police, said: “The Christmas campaign was a success, as it was the year before, however we will not stop there. If you drink and drive you will be caught, no matter what time of year it is.

“If you are caught you will be put before the courts - who also take a dim view of drink driving – and be banned or, depending on the nature of the offence, be given a custodial sentence.”

Insp Brown also urged the public to get involved and do their bit to help reduce the number of tragedies on our roads.

He added: “The public can really help us with identifying and catching drink drivers. Their assistance was greatly appreciated during the festive campaign and led to a number of arrests.”