Pregnant mum spared prison for train assault

Malton Station
Malton Station

When a drunken Scarborough woman attacked two men and a train driver she caused a 30 minutes delay for other rail passengers, a court heard on Wednesday, last week.

Even after being escorted off the late night York to Scarborough train at Malton, Leanne Sygrove continued being aggressive and abusive, pulling off her trousers and lashing out with them at her male friend.

Sygrove, a 26-year-old pregnant mother of one, appeared before York Crown Court for sentencing on three admitted charges of common assault.

After a day out drinking in York in April at her brother’s home, Sygrove boarded the train for home with her friend.

Not long after the train started, Sygrove became aggressive towards other passengers, throwing the contents of a bottle of vodka into the face of one, threatening to smash the bottle over him and then grabbed his head and pushing her thumb into his eye. After being restrained Sygrove then turned her attention to another male passenger, slapping his face and ripping his shirt. As the train came to a halt in Malton, the train guard, together with the driver, Darren Morley, approached.

Mr Morley escorted Sygrove, of Hawthorne Walk, onto the platform, only for Sygrove to throw the contents of a can of lager in the direction of passengers.

He persuaded Sygrove to stand away from the train for her own safety, but she then grabbed his jacket, causing both to fall into a flower bed on the platform.

When quizzed by police, Sygrove said that she had been drinking and could not remember what had happened on the train.Trisha Doherty, for Sygrove, who has a record for violence, said that her client was “disgusted” with herself, “embarrassed” and “genuinely remorseful”, adding she was now 17 weeks pregnant. Passing sentence, Judge Shaun Spencer QC said he took into account her pregnancy and her young child. She was sentenced to four months custody, suspended for 12 months and placed under 12 months supervision.