Prolific burglar gets six years for his crime spree

Kevin David Talbot
Kevin David Talbot

A prolific 46-year-old burglar who targeted homes, including nine in the Scarborough area, has been jailed for six years.

Kevin David Talbot, of no fixed abode, was charged with three burglaries, but admitted a total of 49 around the country over the past year, at his sentencing hearing at Lincoln Crown Court on Friday.

Detective Sergeant Steve Paxton of Scarborough CID, said: “I am satisfied with the sentence handed down. Burglary can have devastating effects on victims and the sentence handed out by the court reflects the seriousness of his crimes. I hope this can bring some sense of justice to the many victims of Talbot’s actions, many of whom were elderly.

“The successful joint collaboration with Lincolnshire and West Yorkshire Police sends a clear message to criminals, that no matter where you try to hide, the law will always catch up with you.”

Talbot mainly targeted insecure premises, while the occupants were in the garden, however he has also smashed windows and climbed into first floor windows to gain entry.

The majority of the Scarborough offences were committed very close to the old railway line, known as the Cinder Track, where Talbot used a bicycle to travel.

He mainly stole cash, including foreign currency, and jewellery.

Talbot was finally brought to justice by detectives from Lincolnshire Police’s Fusion team after he was spotted acting suspiciously on July 3.

A force spokesman said: “Talbot then travelled to Harby in Nottinghamshire, where he committed a burglary and stole a car. He drove the car to Lincoln and abandoned it in Longleys Road. There he noticed an open window on a property. He climbed in via a garage roof and stole a quantity of gold jewellery.”

He added that Talbot was spotted by a Lincolnshire officer who stopped and searched him and found the stolen jewellery.