Prolific burglar jailed after raiding cash-and-carry

Mark Burgess
Mark Burgess

A prolific burglar has been jailed for almost three years after raiding a cash-and-carry in Scarborough.

Mark Burgess, 40, broke in through the roof and ransacked Fords, in Wrea Lane, along with a hooded accomplice.

They stole three days’ worth of takings from the shop and a debit card which they used to withdraw £300 from a cash machine.

Burgess was later arrested but denied the burglary. He appeared at York Crown Court for trial on Wednesday but pleaded guilty on the day.

Prosecutor Martin Robertshaw said CCTV footage showed Burgess and the other burglar - wearing hooded tops and masks, as well as gloves and socks on their hands - climbing up a wall to get on the roof of thee business.

They used a wooden pallet propped against a drainpipe to get on the roof. Police were able to arrest Burgess after finding his DNA on blood stains on the drainpipe.

Mr Robertshaw said the day after the raid, Burgess bought about £340 of sports goods.

When he burgled the cash-and-carry, in September last year, he was on a suspended prison sentence for raiding another property and attempting to break into the Itis-Itis bar in Scarborough.

Defence barrister Taryn Turner said Burgess - latterly of Trafalgar Square, Scarborough - had a history of drug abuse which was the root cause of his offending.

She said he and his partner, who also has a drug problem, had moved to Scarborough from Crewe but were planning to return to the north west.

The court heard that Burgess had been in trouble with the law since the early 1990s, in Lancashire, north Wales and Cheshire. He continued his one-man crime wave when he moved to Scarborough, where he raided properties including the Olympia Leisure Centre.

Judge Stephen Ashurst – who had imposed the suspended sentence in June last year to give Burgess a chance to get to grips with his drug problem - blasted the defendant’s “shocking” record for burglaries at commercial premises.

“The new offence at the cash-and-carry was committed while you were on bail and subject to the suspended sentence – you blew your opportunity,” added the judge.

He said he had no option but to give Burgess an immediate jail sentence for the raid, which had caused a “significant amount” of loss and damage to the business.

Burgess was sentenced to two years in prison for the burglary and Mr Ashurst activated the nine-month suspended sentence, giving a total jail term of two years and nine months.