Pub-crawl gang cause mayhem

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A COACHLOAD of Scarborough yobs on a pub crawl reportedly wreaked havoc in the Ryedale area at the weekend.

Landlords said the party of more than 20 men in a coach were drunkenly causing disturbances, damaging property and stealing bizarre items from pubs.

When police caught up with the men, at shortly after 5pm on Saturday at the Ham and Cheese pub in Scagglethorpe, they found a framed picture, a red snooker ball, a green hat and a black ornamental letterbox in their possession.

Officers had received an earlier report of a large group of men, who were travelling on a coach, visiting The Grapes at Ebberston.

Following the group’s exit, staff reported the theft of a black ornamental letterbox, an ornamental butler and a mobile phone.

A group of men were also said to have thrown a stone trough into a store near to The Providence Inn in Yedingham.

Anne Potter, landlady of The Providence Inn, said: “They pinched a couple of things and smashed a vase in the car park. They were also squirting toilet cleaner over people’s cars. It was mindless. We’re a quiet pub. We’ve never had any problems in 10 years.

“We’ve had busloads of people before and they’re normally great people who just want to have a few drinks.”

She added: “It was only 4.30 in the afternoon when they came in here. The pubs had only been open for a few hours. I don’t know how they got so drunk.”

Two members of the group were issued with public order notices by police before they were sent on their way.

The men said they planned on visiting more pubs before being dropped off in Scarborough town centre at 10pm.

There were no reports of further disturbances.

Police inquiries are continuing and the items which they recovered have been sent for forensic examination.

Marisa Blades, landlady of the Ham and Cheese pub where the men were apprehended, added: “They didn’t cause a lot of damage in here because the police turned up, but we have a basket of mints for customers and they threw them all over the place.

“The ones I saw were fairly drunk. They were young and full of attitude.

“We did lose customers because of it. They saw all the police cars and just turned around.

“We don’t usually get any trouble.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC 1278 Nick Ham on 0845 6060247.