Punishment for man after store row

Daniel Johnson, of Queen Street, shouted at two workers in Tesco, in Westwood, claiming he would “smash the shop up.”

Johnson, 22, admitted a charge of using threatening and abusive behaviour at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecuting, Katy Varlow said Johnson had gone into the store around 3.40am and was having an argument with his partner.

She said: “He was asked to leave and became offensive.

“He called one of the workers a silly rat and said ‘I will smash your store up’.

“They were in their workplace and should not have had to put up with that.”

Mitigating, Marcus Topham said Johnson was remorseful and suffered from a disability which affected his behaviour.

He added: “There has been some kind of an argument with his girlfriend’s father and he has gone into the store.

“Staff felt he was being very loud and he has taken offence.

“He has allowed his mouth to run-off.

“His latitudes of tolerance are much lower than what an adult should be.”

Chairman of the bench Duncan Webster said: “You aimed your anger at two people that were doing their job and that is particularly nasty.

“They did not deserve that kind of behaviour from you.”

Johnson was given a six month community order but not made to pay costs.