Residents’ leader: ‘I stole the cash’

The former Barrowcliff Residents' Association Chairman, Doug Kidd.
The former Barrowcliff Residents' Association Chairman, Doug Kidd.

A TRUSTED Scarborough residents’ association chief has admitted stealing more than £9,500 from the group’s bank account.

Douglas Kidd, 70, admitted taking £9,778 from Barrowcliff Residents’ Association during a two-year period.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard Kidd, of Barrowcliff Road, took the money between January 2010 and January this year after a “tragedy befell him.” The court heard Kidd, who was chairman of the residents’ group, took the money after his wife’s death, although he said he had intended to pay it back.

Prosecuting, Martin Butterworth said:

“The money that had been paid into the account was to be used in the community.

“Following an audit and a meeting, it was found that this bank account had been cleaned out.

“It was closed and there was no money in it.

“He was vice-chairman and then chairman of the association and he has gone on to abuse that position. It is not quite clear when the funds were taken out but it was not a one-off incident.”

Mitigating, Robert Vining said Kidd was of good character and had no previous convictions.

“There was a tragedy that befell him.”

His case was committed to to York Crown Court for sentencing and Kidd was given unconditional bail to appear at the court on June 21.

There has been a residents’ association in Barrowcliff for more than 30 years.