Restraining order for man after break-up

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home to steal and take anti-depressant drugs in a suicide bid after she refused to speak to him, a court heard.

Graham Brown, 34, of North Marine Road, also smashed a glass object and used it to self harm, leaving behind splatters of blood in the house.

The relationship with his ex had been over for some time, York Crown Court heard, and she had moved on with a new partner.

Phillip Evans, prosecuting, said Brown would not accept this and his constant contacting of her had led her to give up her job and move away.

It was on the day she was moving, July 13, this year, that Brown turned up at her Ewart Street home, wanting to talk and threatening suicide, something he had threatened on several occasions.

His former girlfriend declined to talk and, as she drove away from the house with her new partner, Brown stood in the street shouting after them.

It was then, said Mr Evans, that Brown entered the house, found the ant-depressants and smoked the remnants of a cigar he found, before cutting his wrists.

A mutual friend discovered him in the house and phoned 999, but Brown had left before the police arrived.

Brown, who appeared before the court for sentencing having previously admitted a charge of burglary, has previous convictions for drug and dishonesty matters.

Kristine Mercer, mitigating, said her client had himself organised a one month stay in hospital, followed by six months at a Blackpool rehabilitation centre in order to detox and rid himself of his drug addiction.

Miss Mercer added that Brown now fully accepted the relationship was over and had no intentions of contacting his ex again.

Brown was placed under a six month deferred sentence and also under a five year restraining order.