Revealed: Scarborough’s crime spots

The list of crime types, which show the high tally of anti-social behaviour
The list of crime types, which show the high tally of anti-social behaviour

CRIME in Scarborough fell in a one-month period but anti-social behaviour continued to rise, new figures reveal.

The wide range of crimes can also be revealed – with 225 incidents of anti-social behaviour in Castle ward, which bounds Marine Drive, Castle Road, Victoria Road and Valley Road.

The second highest level of anti-social behaviour was 39 in Woodlands ward, which bounds Colescliffe Road, Wreyfield Drive, Woodlands Ravine and Lady Edith’s Drive.

In Stepney, there were 23 anti-social behaviour crimes, 25 in Ramshill, 37 in Central ward, and 54 in North Bay.

Anti-social behaviour in Newby reached 29 incidents, with 30 in Falsgrave and 19 in Northstead.

But Castle ward also tops the league for violent crime (46) and vehicle crime (five incidents).

Castle ward is where 18-year-old Joshua Scott left a couple in their 40s badly injured after the husband objected when Scott bumped into his wife.

He is now serving time in a Young Offenders’ Institute but the court case led the Evening News to call for police and the council to devise a new strategy to tackle the louts on our streets.

Of the overall picture from the current Home Office release of information, in the town centre and immediately surrounding areas, 10 burglaries were reported to police in April, down from 20 in March, 19 in February and 29 in January.

There were 70 violent crimes committed in the area compared with 85 the previous month, while only one robbery, in Sussex Street off Castle Road, was committed. In St Nicholas Street, which traditionally Scarborough’s busiest street for police, there was a striking reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.

When the crime map was launched by the Home Office, it showed that 14 violent incidents occurred on the street in December, making it the third most violent street in all of Yorkshire and the Humber. In March, 15 violent crimes were committed on the 185-yard street.

However in April just six violent crimes were committed in St Nicholas Street – the lowest yet recorded since the launch of the scheme.

In total, 36 incidents of disorder in St Nicholas Street occurred in April, halving from the 74 that were recorded the previous month.

In the wider Scarborough area, a further five burglaries were committed in the Scalby Mills area, with three alone being carried out on or near Guards Court.

Four burglaries were committed in Barrowcliff, three took place in Falsgrave, two were committed in the South Cliff area and one was committed in Newby.

However despite the fall, anti-social behaviour continued to rise in April, with the 397 incidents reported the highest yet recorded.

The rise meant that the total number of incidents in the whole Scarborough safer neighbourhood area rose to 848 from 828, translating to 18.78 incidents per 1,000 people.

The rate meant that crime in the Scarborough safer neighbourhood area was once again classed as above average for crime and anti-social behaviour, when compared to the rest of the UK and Wales.

A number of minor infringements can be classed as anti-social behaviour as well as traditional offences. Dog fouling, dropping litter or nuisance or hoax phone calls could all fall into the category.

In Eastfield, 97 incidents were reported in April, including nine violent crimes and one burglary, rising from 83 the previous month.

In the Filey and Eastfield safer neighbourhood area, 292 incidents were reported in total, giving a rate of 7.86 per 1,000 people and meaning the area is once again classed as average for crime and anti-social behaviour compared to the rest of England and Wales.