Rural crime up by 12 per cent

THIEVES in the Scarborough area are increasingly targeting remote farms according to a new survey.

It has been estimated that rural crime cost the north east area £9.2 million last year with crime rising by 12 per cent.

The NFU Mutual’s Rural Crime Survey revealed that tools, tractors and quadbikes revealed as the most commonly stolen items across Yorkshire.

Andrew Moss, a Beverley-based NFU Mutual Agent, said: “People living and working in rural areas of Yorkshire need to be vigilant and keep working with police and local communities to help fight rural crime.

“Highly organised thieves don’t just target tractors, Landrovers and farm machinery, they can also make money from items like quad bikes and power tools that can be stolen and sold on in the blink of an eye.

“There is no substitute for good physical security: strong locks, security lighting and maybe even a dog. It’s all about taking small steps to make life much harder for rural criminals and making outbuildings more secure is an effective deterrent.

“Taking the time to mark your more valuable items will make it much easier return property should it ever get stolen. Unless they are marked and identifiable, many farm and household items can be difficult to trace but very simple for criminals to sell.”

According to the survey thieves were most likely to strike after midnight and they often target outbuildings.