Sarah was anything but jolly after brawl in the hall with pal

Scarborough Justice Centre. Picture Richard Ponter 141126b
Scarborough Justice Centre. Picture Richard Ponter 141126b

A known nuisance brawled in the hallway of her managed accommodation with an on-off friend over an unpaid debt.

Scarborough’s Sarah Jolly left her victim marked and bruised after clashing with the female in front of staff at Newburn House.

The building was once Scarborough Council’s homeless shelter, but is now run by the charity Changing Lives.

But at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on Monday, Jolly’s solicitor Marcus Topham admitted the April 25 attack had “jeopardised” her stay there.

The 32-year-old grabbed the victim as they passed in a communal space after she ignored Jolly’s demands for the money.

And Jolly failed to live up to her name, as she aggressively grabbed the victim.

A scuffle ensured in which Jolly fell to the floor but got the better of the woman.

The court heard the pair have since made up, with the victim even buying Jolly a birthday present.

But Jolly, who Mr Topham claims has “severe mental health” problems and has had an ASBO, was slapped with a curfew for the attack. However, that will be relaxed for an imminent in patient detox at Bradford Hospital.