Scarborough evidence is ‘significant’ in murder trial

James Allen
James Allen

The trial of a man accused of double murder has heard how the defendant was captured on CCTV in Scarborough selling a gold medallion identical to one belonging to a Whitby woman who was killed the day before.

The prosecution in the case of James Allen have claimed they possess a “significant body of evidence” to link him to the murder of Whitby woman Julie Davison.

Highlighting examples of CCTV images, witness statements and forensic evidence, Robert Smith QC concluded his opening statement on this morning.

Mr Smith asked the jury at Newcastle Crown Court to consider: “What is the explanation for defendant’s presence in Church Square on the morning Julie Davison was murdered? Why did he discard his clothes after Julie Davison’s murder, particularly bearing in mind the circumstances in which she was stabbed and had bled heavily at her home?”

It is alleged that following the murder of Julie Davison, James Allen cycled to the Flask Inn on the A171. He then left his bicycle beside a wall and caught a bus to Scarborough.

CCTV images at the Scarborough branch of Cash Generator then showed Mr Allen exchanging a medallion “identical in every way to a gold St Christopher that belonged to Julie Davison”, according to Mr Smith QC. Ms Davison’s medallion was a gift from her sister Dawn.

Allen received £35 in this deal but chose not to also exchange a laptop, which it is alleged he stole from Ms Davison.

However, in a statement given to police at the time of his arrest, Allen claimed he had swapped his mountain bike for a laptop and £40 with a man named Scott.

Mr Smith added that in his statement James Allen admitted he had visited Church Square, where Ms Davison lived, but that “he had been there with a man named Scott who had been there to try to buy drugs”.

After exchanging the jewellery in Scarborough Allen spent the night at the Allerton Lodge guest house on West Square.

The court heard the following morning he took a Coastliner bus to Leeds, where was later arrested on April 29.

Allen is also alleged to have murdered Colin Dunford, 81, a former neighbour of Allen who was found dead at home in Middlesbrough on April 23, two days before Ms Davison’s body was discovered.

Following the opening address the prosecution began by calling witnesses, including Angelina Dicicco. Her partner, George Foreman was a close friend of Mr Dunford and had grown concerned when he failed to appear at Samuelson’s Club, which he frequented on a daily basis.

Ms Dicicco, Mr Foreman and the club’s owner, Andy Mallett, discovered Colin’s body at his Leven Street home.

The court then heard a 999 call which Ms Dicicco then placed, where she is heard sobbing and said: “He’s been robbed and murdered”.

The trial continues.