Scarborough Hospital surgeon allegedly made sexual remarks to staff and used foul language to patients

Scarborough Hospital
Scarborough Hospital

A surgeon is facing a medical tribunal over allegations that he used foul language and inappropriate behaviour to patients and staff at Scarborough Hospital.

Dr Serban Ioan Gheorghiu, 59, is facing the allegations at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) in Manchester in a case listed until January 14.

He has not so far been at the tribunal, nor has he been represented, but denies the allegations. In the first stage of the tribunal, the panel of three people found all the allegations to be proved. They will now decide what action to take against the surgeon.

Among the allegations at the fitness to practise hearing are that he asked colonoscopy patients to get on all fours and "assume the George Michael position".

It is also claimed that he made sexual remarks to colleagues, rubbed himself up against a nurse and used foul language in front of patients and colleagues.

Dr Gheorghiu, who is originally from Romania, worked for York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as a consultant in the endoscopy unit at Scarborough Hospital, from February 2010 until October 2017.

The following is an edited list of some of the allegations:

It is alleged that, on dates between 19 October 2015 and 28 August 2017, you:

pressed yourself up against Nurse A and made a sexual comment to Nurse A; on one or more occasions referred to colleagues using swear words; In the presence of Patient C, stated to Nurse D that: now she had lost weight, you were ‘falling in love with her again,’ or words to that effect; and that losing weight was pointless as she ‘would soon put it back on,’ or words to that effect.

On dates in or around 2016 you:

asked a patient, ‘are you like this when you are making love,’ or words to that effect; told a patient they had cancer and that you couldn’t ‘sweep it under the ******* table,’ or words to that effect.

In or around February 2017, you were telephoned by Nurse F as you were late for work and you:

implied you were late because you had been having sex; asked if Nurse F was in a bad mood because she hadn’t had sex, or words to that effect.

On 24 April 2017 you were being assisted by Nurse D and you:

stated to Nurse D in front of a patient: ‘if you’re willing to accept this **** management then you deserve all the **** you are going to get,’ or words to that effect;

On various dates during the course of your employment you:

made comments to your colleagues asking if they had: ‘sex at the weekend’ or words to that effect; ‘deep and meaningful sex’ or words to that effect; ‘rough sex’ or words to that effect; ‘enough sex’ or words to that effect; rubbed yourself up against Nurse D; made comments to colonoscopy patients in that you asked them to ‘assume the George Michael position’ or words to that effect; used foul language in front of colleagues and/or patients.

And that by reason of the matters set out above your fitness to practise is impaired because of your misconduct.

The hearing continues.