Scarborough pub violence: five recent incidents highlighting the problem

Pub incidents.
Pub incidents.

Incidents of threatening behaviour in pubs have become more and more common over the years.

That's the view of two Scarborough licensees who have spoken out about the aggressive behaviour they and their staff experience "day after day after day".

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Here are a few incidents investigated by police:

October 2016

Four men and two women caused damage at the Wellington pub and assaulted a number of people both inside and outside the venue.

May 2017

A 71-year-old woman was assaulted at the Newcastle Packet on Sandside. Despite hitting a table as she fell to the ground, she was not seriously hurt. The suspect made off.

March 2018

A man threw a bottle and a glass at the outside of The Shakespeare on St Helen's Square and posted a threatening message to the new tenants of the premises.

November 2018

An altercation between men and women outside The Waterhouse on St Thomas Street leaves one man with serious injuries.

January 2019

Robert Penny, 30, was jailed for eight months for hurling pool balls "like missiles" in the West Riding pub on Castle Road.