Scarborough sees highest number of drink and drug driving arrests in North Yorkshire over Christmas - for the second year in a row

For the second year in a row, more drink and drug drivers were arrested in Scarborough over Christmas than anywhere else in North Yorkshire.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 2:10 pm
Updated Monday, 13th January 2020, 3:20 pm
More drink and drug drivers have been arrested in Scarborough over Christmas than anywhere in North Yorkshire.

A total of 100 people were caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs during North Yorkshire Police's drink and drug driving enforcement campaign.

Of these 27 were in Scarborough, which is followed by Selby (21), York and Harrogate (20), Ryedale (3), Hambleton (8) and Richmond (1).

This year's figures show an increase in the number of arrests compared to the same period last year when 82 were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Of the 100 arrested, 37 were suspected of drug driving with 34 of these being as a result of positive roadside drug screening test. This is an increase in the number of positive roadside drug tests resulting in an arrest.

The average breath alcohol reading among those arrested has also risen from 64ug/100ml to 66ug/100ml, which is just under twice the legal limit.

Three people provided readings over 105ug/100ml – more than three times the legal limit while a Knottingley man in his 20s provided the highest reading with 113ug/100ml.

This year’s campaign ran from 9 December to 1 January. It saw police conducting roadside checks across North Yorkshire and acting on intelligence about offenders that was submitted by the public.

Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton, who led the campaign for North Yorkshire Police, said: “Every year, we warn people in the clearest possible terms that if they drive under the influence of drink or drugs they’ll be caught and charged.

“It’s disappointing that so many people didn’t follow our advice this year. They have now ruined their new year with an act of stupidity and they’re facing 2020 without a licence and with a criminal record.

“We have absolutely no sympathy for them – my team and I see the consequences of drink and drug driving first-hand, and they are utterly horrific.

“That’s why we will continue to target drink and drug drivers throughout the year, in every corner of North Yorkshire. People who do it simply don’t deserve to be on our roads.”

Defendants will appear in court throughout January and February, where they face losing their licence as well as fines and a criminal record.