Sentence given to rapist Mitko Naskov, who lifted young woman off her feet and forced her into a Scarborough alleyway

Mitko Naskov
Mitko Naskov

A rapist who dragged a young woman into a Scarborough alleyway and then denied the offence has been has been jailed.

In January, Mitko Naskov was found guilty of the terrifying attack after brazenly chancing his luck in a trial despite a stack of evidence weighed against him.

Naskov, 19, hunted the woman down in the street before pouncing on her, lifting her off her feet and forcing her into the corner of an alley off North Street, Scarborough.

As the woman begged him to stop, Naskov told her, ‘It’s ok’, before trying to rape her again, York Crown Court heard.

Today a judge sentenced Naskov to 12 years in jail plus a further four years extended period on licence, for rape and attempted rape.

At January's trial it was revealed that. after raping the woman and then attempting again, he ran off, whipping his shirt off, after three women heard the victim’s cries for help and went to her aid.

One of the women chased Naskov through the town centre but he disappeared into the night.

CCTV footage captured him fleeing, with his bare torso revealing a “large tattoo” and wearing a baseball cap and Bermuda-style shorts – evidence which was later used to identify, charge and ultimately convict him.

Police arrested Naskov at his flat in Pavilion Square, Scarborough, about 15 hours later, and hauled him in for questioning. But the Bulgarian national refused to co-operate and declined to answer questions. He also refused to undergo an “intimate” DNA test or give a fingerprint.

He was charged with the rape and attempted rape of the woman, who was found in a highly-distressed state in the alleyway.

Naskov told the court he spoke very little English but was persuaded to move to the UK by a friend and compatriot who promised him well-paid work in Scarborough.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been walking home at around 3am after an apparent fall-out inside a bar. She said she was “pushed into that corner (of the alleyway) so I couldn’t move”.

She added: “He pushed me to the floor and at this point I was just begging him to leave me alone. I was just trying to get away, but I was trapped in the corner and he would just not leave me alone.”

Judge Simon Hickey told Naskov in January: “The sentence can only be measured in years because it was an attack on a completely-innocent woman was just going about her business in Scarborough town centre.”

Mr Hickey praised Scarborough Police and in particular five investigating officers for their diligence in bringing Naskov to justice. He conferred a commendation on the five officers, including Detective Inspector Glenn Kelly and Detective Sergeant Stephen Paxton.

The judge also praised the “public-spiritedness” of the three women who went to the aid of the “very-distressed” victim and the bravery of the woman who chased Naskov through the streets, which he described as “bravery beyond the call of duty”.

He said the women would receive a combined reward of £500 from public funds.