Sex offender is jailed for a year

A CONVICTED sex offender who tried to commit suicide off a cliff top at Scarborough wept as he was jailed for a year.

Blake Madison, 36, was upset his bus driver boyfriend Phillip Doughty, 53, was being probed by police over sexually assaulting a 13-year-old and was trying to jump off cliffs when stopped by North Yorkshire Police, Hull Crown Court heard.

Madison was struggling to come to terms with his partner’s arrest and saw no future for himself alone. He travelled to Scarborough in March last year to take his life.

Madison, who had a conviction for possessing indecent images, told North Yorkshire police Doughty – his life partner – had been arrested for images that were his.

Crown barrister Mark Bury said there was an attempt by North Yorkshire police to contact the officer in the Humberside case against Doughty, but before he could be traced Madison was released by Scarborough police.

Madison disappeared off the radar and when the officer in the Doughty case tracked him down he found him with a disc storing 4,494 indecent images of young boys which had not been found when they raided their home to find 6,000 indecent images in a safe.

Madison had hid a separate disc under a bed. Police in the second search found a catalogue of images including 39 movie files and 10 indecent images at level five – the worst kind. They showed the exploitation of young boys.

Mr Bury told the court thatMadison admitted to the police in interview he was in a relationship with Doughty.

He said only after the relationship started did they realise they had a common interest in child pornography.

The court was told Doughty was jailed in May last year for two and a half years for possession of indecent images and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy twice after luring him back to his flat in Hull.

Madison, of Tyne Street, Hull, pleaded guilty to 11 charges of possession of indecent images following his Scarborough cliff drama.

Defence barrister Paul Norton told the court Madison was ashamed of his “compulsion” but had not dealt in the images.

“Madison looked to Doughty as a father figure,” said Mr Norton. “He accepted he should have handed in the images to the police when they came to arrest Doughty.”

Jailing Madison, Judge David Tremberg said the offence was aggravated by Madison’s conviction in 1998 for possession of child pornography and he was put on probation for three years.

He said: “You watched these images and gained sexual pleasure from them.

“Furthermore when your partner was arrested for possession of images you kept them. People who have an interest of this kind incite other people to create more victims.”

Madison rocked on his feet and wept as he was told he would be jailed for 12 months.

He slumped his head and his hands were cuffed as he was led to cells below court and a waiting prison van.