‘Shameful’ theft: who is culprit?

POLICE want to question a man following a charity theft in Scarborough.

They are hoping to interview the driver of a silver van that was spotted on Tuesday morning on Ramsey Street.

The van, which a witness stated had the registration number MF08 FPE, is alleged to have pulled up outside a house which had put out an RSCPA charity bag awaiting collection.

Someone then allegedly emerged from the van, taking with them the bag and driving off.

It was due to be collected by the RSPCA that day. The charity have no idea if it was a one off, or if more were taken. Sheila Owen, treasurer for the Scarborough branch of the RSPCA, is disgusted by the theft, and has said it has left everybody involved with the charity flat.

She said: “This has really hit his hard. I just can’t believe someone would do something like this.

“We are now going to have to stop doing bag collections like this. We will still come and pick bags up from houses that arrange collection, but we wont be doing doorstep collections anymore, which just such a shame, but we can’t afford to take the risk.”

Tuesday’s theft follows on from a similar incident earlier this year when charity bags belonging to the British Heart Foundation were stolen in an almost identical manor from doorsteps in the town.

And the theft couldn’t have hit the RSPCA at a worse time, with Mrs Owen saying: “Never has the charity had the need for donations as it does at the minute.

“We are inundated with animals and there’s just not enough people coming forward to look after them. Thefts like this just make things so much harder to keep going.”

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “If anybody knows or saw anything, please contact us on 0845 6060247.”