Shocking attack on Scarborough Spa

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THE appalling destruction of Scarborough’s historic Spa steps has been widely condemned as an act of “wanton vandalism” on the famous landmark.

THESE are the appalling scenes of vandalism in a shocking attack on Scarborough’s historic Spa building.

Heavy ornamental stone supports and balustrades were rocked from their mountings and pushed down the balcony.

The vandals struck at the Spa as the 19th century building undergoes a major renovation to help attract more conferences, entertainment and events.

A number of the balustrades were broken beyond repair and any coping stones that could be put back into place will bear the marks of the attack.

The Evening News has today put up a reward for information that leads to the successful prosecution of those responsible.

Scarborough Borough Council has expressed dismay at the attack on such an important building for the town’s past and future.

The appalling destruction of Scarborough’s historic Spa steps has been widely condemned as an act of “wanton vandalism” on the famous landmark.

Eight of the venue’s 19th century North Terrace balustrades were ripped from their bases during the attack with coping strewn across pavement areas.

The damage is a devastating blow to the Spa’s ongoing resurgence as a £6.5 million refurbishment draws closer to completion.

The scenes evokes memories of a similar incident to one of Scarborough’s cultural icons in 2009 when the Rotunda sign was smashed.

The Evening News has now launched a campaign to help catch those responsible for the Spa damage and has put forward a £50 reward for information leading to a successful prosecution.

The South Bay venue has undergone a major transformation with huge improvements to its grade two concert hall, a new stage area and stage lift and upgraded dressing rooms to enhance its status as a premier entertainment and conference complex.

However, Cllr Derek Bastiman, Scarborough Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and chairman of the Spa Project Board, who only last week announced the completion of new office suites at the venue, said he despaired at the vandalism.

He said: “I am very disappointed by the actions of a small, mindless minority, when there is so much effort, time and money being invested in the Spa.

“The refurbishment work currently being carried out will result in a first-class conference and entertainment complex and it is very sad when this sort of thing happens.

“I hope whoever is responsible for the damage does the decent thing and owns up and I would also ask those who have knowledge about the perpetrator to come forward and pass that information on to police.”

Adrian Perry, chairman of Scarborough Civic Society, visited the scene and said he was upset by the damage.

He said: “It really is just wanton vandalism and a shocking thing to have happened.

“It is absolutely terrible for the Spa and something needs to be done quickly to repair the damage.

“The Civic Society will be trying to get something done as soon as possible, you cannot leave it like it is because if you do then another group will come along and knock the rest down.”

Mr Perry added he hoped a local company could come forward and make fibreglass moulds of the balustrades for safeguarding against such attacks.

The Spa has played host to a number of high-profile events including a Labour Party conference in 2005, a military-based Night at the Colours evening and graduation ceremonies for the University of Hull Scarborough campus.

The first show after the refurbishment will be the Bolshoi Ballet Orchestra on May 7.

If you have any information about who is responsible contact reporter Steven Hugill on (01723) 383829 or by email at