‘Sorry tale’ of wife in flat theft

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

MAGISTRATES refused to order compensation to a landlord after a tenant stole items from her Scarborough property.

Megan Mcluckie, 18, took a three-piece suite, curtains, canvas pictures, a telephone and a bed and mattress when she left the furnished flat in Park Avenue in August.

She pleaded guilty to theft of fixture by a tenant, but magistrates let her off with a conditional discharge.

Prosecutor Kathryn Reeve said: “She moved in around 18 months ago with her partner. In the last few months they struggled to pay the rent and they were given notice to leave.

“When the landlord went into the property it was untity and dirty.”

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard that the items taken were worth £550, although the canvas prints, worth £60, were later recovered.

Mcluckie, who recently moved to army barracks in Wiltshire with her husband, told police she threw the bed away as it was broken, sold a sofa for £40, and binned the curtains because they were damp.

She offered to accept a caution and pay £200 in compensation to the landlord, but the landlord refused the offer leading to the court appearance.

Franklyn Garvey, mitigating, said: “This is a very sorry tale of a young woman recently married. Her husband is shortly going to undertake six months in Helmand Province.

“The bed was falling to pieces, it was no good to man nor beast. They told the landlord it was broken but there was no replacement forthcoming.

“The landlord conveniently forgot to mention the bond of £375. That is what a bond is for after all.

“She has been offered employment with the army as a domestic. She is terrified that when the CRB check comes back this will come out in the wash. Without a job they are going to struggle.

“This has scared the daylight guts out of her.”

The conditional discharge will last for 12 months. Magistrates said the £205 remaining on Mcluckie’s bond was “fair recompense” for the items taken and made no order for compensation.

She will pay £85 costs.