Speed driver escapes ban

A SCARBOROUGH motorist clocked more than 30mph over the speed limit in his high-performance car has escaped a ban.

Steffan Chyzak, of Candler Street, appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court after being caught doing 84mph on the Osgodby Bypass in December last year.

Chyzak, 27, was snared by officers in his powerful Nissan Skyline in the 50mph section of the route.

Prosecuting, Kathryn Reeve said: “Officers were on patrol doing routine speed checks when they could hear a high revving noise coming from Scarborough and going in the direction of Filey.

“Chyzak was stopped by police and his speed pointed out to him.”

Mitigating, Robert Vining said Chyzak, a lead developer and designer, was dependent on his licence to maintain his livelihood.

Mr Vining told the court Chyzak needed his car due to the thousands of miles he travelled across the country to thrash out business deals.

He said it was an isolated incident and borne out of another driver gaining speed as Chyzak attempted an overtaking manoeuvre.

He said: “He came around the roundabout at the bottom and was in the outside lane.

“He started to overtake the another car, a BMW, when it began to accelerate.

“He looked in his mirror to drop back into the inside lane but couldn’t as another vehicle had got behind him.

“He took a way out, and that was to put his foot down and get past the BMW before the road goes back to a single carriageway.

“That was when the police officer spotted him.

“He had committed himself to the overtake when the other car accelerated and is a responsible motorist.

“His vehicle is of high performance but he does not hide behind that and there was nobody inconvenienced.

“He would lose his job if he was banned, a disqualification would not only affect him, but also his company.”

Magistrates took heed of the mitigation, giving Chyzak a six point licence penalty and a £190 fine.

However, chairman of the bench Duncan Webster added: “This was a high speed incident and do not expect to come to court again and use the same excuse because it will not wash.

“If your licence is so important, you might want to treat it with a bit more respect.

“You should be very careful when putting your foot on the accelerator pedal in the future.”