Spitting man bit female PC’s hand

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A MAN who bit a female police officer after a fracas outside a Scarborough pub has appeared in court.

John Baldwin, 49, of Tindall Street, Scarborough, had thrown his drink over a member of staff at the Lord Nelson pub on the Foreshore and spat at another one, Scarborough magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Steve Ovenden said that the police officer who was bitten by Baldwin has been forced to endure an agonising eight-week wait while she waited to find out whether she had contracted any infectious diseases.

The court heard Baldwin and his female friend had been arguing with staff who had noticed that Baldwin’s companion had lit a cigarette laced with cannabis outside the pub.

Mr Ovenden said: “Baldwin threw the contents of his drink over a lady outside the pub and a second member of bar staff was spat at by Mr Baldwin.

“Police officers attended and while being detained and held on the floor he bit the PC on her hand.

“He then struggled while being held and resisted another officer.”

Baldwin pleaded guilty to two counts of assault, assaulting a constable and resisting a constable.

He had previously pleaded not guilty to the offences, which he committed on September 25 last year, but changed his pleas yesterday.

Ian Brickman, mitigating, said that the argument over the cannabis cigarette had added to an earlier disagreement which had taken place inside the pub.

He added: “My client felt threatened and threw his drink over the member of staff. There has been an altercation with the second complainant who was being aggressive.

“She was in my client’s face and he accepts he spat at her.

“A number of police officers were then involved. He would say he was manhandled and was fearful because he couldn’t breath very well.

“To try and relieve pressure he bit what turned out to be the PC’s hand.”

Magistrates ordered a pre-sentence report. Baldwin was bailed and his punishment will be decided on March 19.