Stalker burgled woman’s home

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A “DANGEROUS” stalker made a Scarborough woman’s life a misery by breaking into her home and sending her terrifying letters.

George Eves, 56, of St Mary’s Walk, was already subject to a restraining order and was temporarily banned from Scarborough when he sent the woman letters including the terms “woe, bad dreams and the night,” and “hell is at your door” in February and March.

In December last year, before the restraining order was in place, he also broke into the woman’s home and stole keys, photographs and tarot cards, and left drill holes in one of her windows to facilitate easier access in the future.

Eves had initially denied a charge of burglary and five counts of breaching a restraining order, but changed his pleas to guilty on the day that his trial was due to start at York Crown Court.

Judge Colin Burn told Eves he will receive a maximum sentence of nine months imprisonment, meaning he will be released at his sentencing hearing on August 31 at the latest due to the time he has already spent in custody.

Judge Burn said: “The defendant’s actions have left this woman very anxious and affected her quality of life.

“She is concerned about a recurrence when the defendant is released. There was a high degree of intrusion and from time to time some abusive words.

“There was significant psychological harm to the victim and there are a number of aggravating factors in this case.”

Eves developed an obsession with the woman, who lives close to his home, in 2008 after he passed her in Tesco and believed the pair had made eye contact.

He began approaching the woman and started writing her messages and songs which he left outside her home, where she sold jam using an honesty box system.

After the woman asked Eves not to leave her any more messages, his overtures became more sinister.

He left his victim a hand-drawn picture of a witch making jam along with the note “make me some jam witch.”

After he was arrested, Eves admitted to the police that he was “fascinated” by the lady.

Magistrates handed Eves a restraining order in early January forbidding him from entering the woman’s street.

Although he did not technically breach the order, he was seen standing at the end of the woman’s street days later, and admitted a further charge of harassment.

Following the allegation of burglary he was bailed to an address in Gateshead, but he continued to send the woman letters, leading to his remand in custody and the further charges of breaching the restraining order. Taryn Turner, for Eves, said he had no intention of contacting the woman and said he had made no threats of violence.

Judge Burn said a pre-sentence report would have to be carried out. Eves is expected to make a bail application in the coming days.