Stalker created false ID

Thomas Gordon leaving court. His victim claims he should have been jailed.
Thomas Gordon leaving court. His victim claims he should have been jailed.

A jilted stalker pretended to be a woman on Facebook to send a terrifying threat to his ex-partner after discovering she was pregnant.

Thomas Gordon, of Scarborough, set up a fake account under the name Wendy Wilson, in order to “spy” on her after he was slapped with a restraining order.

Screen grab to illustrate court case. 152409

Screen grab to illustrate court case. 152409

But the 36-year-old’s cyber mask slipped after he hit the bottle, sending her a message saying: “I will kill you and your slutty ugly kids - I will burn you alive.”

Under the promise of anonymity, Gordon’s victim has broke her silence to talk about his terrifying campaign of abuse - and her anger after the stalker was spared prison.

“I was very angry at receiving the message due to threats of intent and the fact he had threatened to kill a defenceless unborn child and threatened to burn me alive,” said his victim.

“(But) I wasn’t scared as I knew he had breached his restraining order and thought this time justice will be done.”

Shamed Gordon held his head in disgrace as he admitted breaching a restraining order by harassing her.

But despite being told he could easily have been jailed for the May 8 incident - with even his own solicitor admitting his actions were “concerning” - Gordon was spared an immediate jail sentence by Scarborough Magistrates at Friday’s hearing.

“Do I think he should have been jailed? Yes, definitely,” said his ex.

She said his abuse has gone on for over a year, adding that a number of other alleged offences - as well as “constant emotional abuse” - have had a huge toll on her.

“The relationship became sour when he began abusing me and my trust and I refused to put up with his behaviour,” she said.

“Criminal damage and public defacing of my property began alongside physical and constant mental abuse.”

That criminal behaviour came to a halt when, while drunk, Gordon used his Wendy Wilson alias to message her after she revealed on Facebook she was expecting a child with her new partner.

But the message - and the threat to kill her unborn child - simply lead police to Gordon, of St John’s Road, who immediately confessed everything to police.

In mitigation, solicitor David Cammidge said booze pushed Gordon over the edge, adding: “He has little recollection of the incident that lead to the message being sent, and that is of concern to him.”

He added that his employer knew of the offence and had stuck by him - even writing a character reference on his behalf to the court.

But magistrates said that even with his early guilty plea, the offence was “so serious” it passed the custodial threshold.

But the bench decided to give him another chance, handing him a two month jail term suspended for a year.

He will also have to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £345 in costs.

His victim, who he must still stay away from, received no compensation.

But she said despite Gordon’s efforts to cause her misery, she said she is now looking forward to moving forward with her new family - and in her life.

“In the early stages of the abuse it had an impact on my life and yes I was scared but with the support of family and friends including my current partner who continues to support me always, I was no longer scared and became stronger than I have ever been,” she said.

“Tom has tried to drive my partner and I apart but we are strong together and in fact he is just pushing my partner and I closer together.”