Street fighting man gets jail

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A 21-YEAR-OLD Scarborough man has been jailed after admitting his part in a drunken town centre brawl and breaching a community order.

Jason Anthony Neil Risker, of Moorside, had been drinking with friends when he threatened one of his companions and was captured on CCTV attacking his victim.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court also heard that he had missed several appointments with the probation service as part of the terms of the community order.

The order was imposed in February and Risker had missed appointments on March 3, March 13 and March 20 without providing a valid reason.

Martin Butterworth, prosecuting, said Risker was one of two men arrested on Friday March 11, following an incident in Newborough at 9.30pm.

He said that police officers saw one man being restrained by his girlfriend and they also saw Risker grab hold of his victim.

Mr Butterworth said: “Mr Risker exchanged punches and other people have become involved to separate them. The situation was monitored by CCTV. When they are told to go home they meet up on a nearby street. Both men were arrested.”

He added that Risker had been frank with officers when interviewed and had admitted drinking five cans of lager before going out with a group of friends which shared a total of nine litres of cider.

Mr Butterworth said that the CCTV footage showed Risker throwing his victim to the ground. He added: “He admits that was too much.”

He added that Risker’s record was “quite a substantial document for a man of his age”.

A spokesman for the probation service said that the community order was for 150 hours and Risker had so far only completed two hours.

Franklyn Garvey, in mitigation, said that the defendant still counted his victim as a best friend. He added: “There was an intake of a considerable amount of alcohol which was shared by five of them – which included two girlfriends. An argument comes about during the course of which the defendant gets hold of his victim and hurls him to the floor. He himself was struck.”

He added that members of the public would have witnessed the incident and would “have been put in fear” by what they saw. “He said ‘I can’t really remember much about it at the time’ but when he is shown CCTV at the police station, when it shows him throwing his victim to the floor, he said ‘there’s no need for that, it was out of order’,” he said.

Mr Garvey said that his client had experienced difficulty in attending probation service appointments because of “accommodation issues” because his parents found his behaviour unacceptable.

He said: “There’d been friction with his father. He was sofa surfing, from pillar to post, where ever he could find a place. His performance is down to that particular problem.

“He’s been with his parents since last week – they’ve sat down as a family.

“If he has a problem it is in relation to alcohol. He can’t sweep it under the carpet.”

Mr Garvey added that his client had tried to address his alcohol problem. He said: “That particular problem is going to be taken in hand to some degree. It appears he’s not drinking as much as he was which is a good sign.

“I’ve had some strong words with Jason and told him that this could be his last chance.”

Risker was sentenced to a total of four months in prison.