Street Safe team get more mobile

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A TEAM which patrols Scarborough’s streets every Friday night has been given two cycles to help make their job easier.

The new kit will be used by members of the Street Safe team which is made up from North Yorkshire County Council’s 4Youth, Targeted Youth Support and officers from North Yorkshire Police.

Barry Graham, crime reduction and anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, said that the team was intelligence-led to engage with young people wherever they are meeting up on Friday nights. He added: “The team engages with young people and builds up relationships, mediating and signposting.

“They look at the reasons why they are on the streets, discuss alcohol and drugs, the impact on the community and signpost the young people to other activities available to them.

“They will point out the legislation that the young people are likely to contravene if they continue their behaviour. Where young people need to be taken home, parents are, in the first instance contacted to come and collect their child. If this fails then the young person is taken home by the team.”

One of the initiatives that the team has organised will take place at the Spa Complex tomorrow between 6pm and 10pm.

Entry is free and it aims to showcase some of the best local youth music which the area has to offer. Mr Graham said: “Not only is it a chance to demonstrate just how brilliant the young people of our town can be, it is also the beginning of a new project to encourage young people to try new activities by letting them know of other exciting opportunities within the borough.

“The event will feature a number of stalls giving young people advice and promises security and youth workers to ensure that it a safe and friendly environment for all young people so parents can be sure they are safe.”

The project is part of the Street Safe Scheme and is delivered by The Safer Communities Partnership – including North Yorkshire Police, Targeted Youth Support, Connecting Youth Culture, 4Youth and The Cambridge Centre.

Organisers are providing free transport to the event to take young people to and from the Spa from the Barrowcliff and Eastfield areas.

Clubs and organisations which would like to get involved in the scheme are advised to contact Sandra Rees on (01723) 232326 for further details.