Superglue attack appeal

Scarborough Ski Club
Scarborough Ski Club

VANDALS caused havoc at Scarborough’s Water Ski Club by glueing shut the locks on the boathouse.

Police were called to investigate after super glue and sealant were used to destory padlocks on the clubhouse and boathouse at the Mere.

It is the second incident of its kind in two months, leaving club members fearing they are being deliberately targeted.

Danny Jordan, president of the Scarborough Water Ski Club, said: “The last time this happened we had to get the locks ground off.

“This time we spent hours drilling our way back in to the building.

“It has cost us several hundred of pounts, which coupled with having to abandon skiing sessions is very damaging.

“It is sickening really because we are a club run by volunteers who work very hard to keep the club going. We cannot afford to keep putting right these selfish acts.

“We do fell was are being personally targetted to stop us from skiing.”

The damage was discovered when Mr Jordan went to set up on Thursday afternoon for that evening’s session, which subsequently had to be cancelled.

The club believes a disgruntled angler could be behind the attacks, and a suspect has been put forward to police investigating the matter.

Mr Jordan said: “We have had threats from an angler using the mere when we have been skiing.

“We don’t believe he is a member of the Mere Angling Club as we have been in contact with their committee and they have been very supportive and assured us it is not one of their members. They are sending out letters to their members to try and help us find who did it.”

The Scarborough Water Ski Club has a 28-year licence to ski on the Mere. The club is allocated a specific area for its activities, but says it lets anglers use their site when they are not on the water.

A spokeman for North Yorkshire Police said: “We can confirm that this act of criminal damage was reported to us on along with a number of other incidents which have occurred over recent weeks.

“if anyone witnessed the damage or has any information about those responsible they should contact PC Melony Pitchford at Scarborough Police Station as soon as possible quoting reference number 12110077205.”