Suspended prison sentence for North Yorkshire woman who attempted to evade speed cameras

The laser jammer fitted to the front of the BMW.
The laser jammer fitted to the front of the BMW.

A woman was handed a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay a hefty fine for having a laser jammer device fixed to her BMW.

Debra Anne Brown, 56, of Front Street, Appleton Wiske, was found guilty at Teesside Crown Court on Friday, of perverting the course of justice.

Brown was given a nine month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months and ordered to pay £2,000 in costs.

And police have warned that motorists who attempt to use such devices to evade detection by speed cameras are “not untouchable” - and will be prosecuted.

The court heard how on the morning of the November 10, 2017, Brown was driving her BMW 135i along the A170 near the village of Nawton, between Helmsley and Kirbymoorside, when a safety camera van from North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic Bureau attempted to measure the speed of her vehicle.

Believing that she was travelling in excess of the speed limit, the safety camera van made four successive attempts to capture the speed of Brown’s BMW.

However, due to interference being received from the vehicle – the safety camera was unable to determine her speed.

North Yorkshire Police launched an investigation into the incident which was led by Traffic Constable Andrew Forth.

Brown’s vehicle was seized and examined.

The examination found that the BMW had been fitted with a Laser Pro Park device, which was connected to a Speed Cheetah. When questioned about the device, Brown stated it had been fitted to the vehicle to assist her when parking.

Following a two day hearing, a jury found her guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice and using the jammer to avoid prosecution.

When sentencing Brown, Judge Bourne-Arton, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, said that her act made the whole justice system break down.

Speaking about the investigation and result at court, TC Forth said: “This is the seventh person to be successfully prosecuted in North Yorkshire for using a laser jammer device in an attempt to lift themselves above the law and protect themselves from a potential speeding prosecution.

“Using this equipment in this way puts other innocent, law abiding road users at risk by people believing that they can travel at speed with complete immunity from prosecution.

“As the result shows, this will not be tolerated and myself and my colleagues at the North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau will ensure offenders are investigated and brought to justice.

“My advice to those who have these devices fitted to their vehicles, who think they are untouchable, is - remove it.

“Today’s court result shows; if you are found to be using the device to pervert the course of justice, you face a criminal record and a very large fine.”