Table hurling man is jailed for assault

A SCARBOROUGH man has been jailed after hurling a table at his former partner which injured her foot during a row.

Andrew Davis, of Prospect Crescent, was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison after throwing the table and a laptop computer at the woman from the top of the stairs.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard Davis, 40, a self-employed window cleaner, threw the items down the stairs after she told him to get out of the house the next day.

Prosecuting, Martin Butterworth told the court the incident had escalated after the pair had enjoyed an evening out together in Scarborough.

He said: “She had gone out drinking with some old school friends and had been joined by him.

“They were walking home along Dean Road when he disappeared, she was not quite sure where, so she walked home alone.

“He was already at the home when she got back and a dispute occurred.

“He was angry and she could not explain why.

“He was standing at the top of the stairs throwing things at her which included a laptop, plant pots, a table and potpourri.”

Mitigating, Franklyn Garvey said Davis deeply regretted his part in the incident.

He said: “He is extremely remorseful and knows he has got to face the music.

“On the night in question, they had gone out but were not flat on their backs with an excess of alcohol and his ex-partner says that he was not drunk.

“They were walking back home along Dean Road when he was caught short and went into an alleyway to spend a penny.

“He decides there that he is going to play a prank on his partner and surprise her when she goes past the alleyway at the other end.

“However, he gets there and there is no sign of her so he goes home.

“When she arrived home, he said she went out to her car before telling him; ‘I want you out of this house by the morning’.

“For a split second he has lost it and the red mist has descended.

“He grabbed hold of the first item close to him and threw it.

“He realises that he must have put the fear of God up his partner with the way he reacted.

“He is beside himself with remorse.”

After handing Davis 10 weeks in prison for common assault, magistrates also imposed a two week term to run alongside the sentence for criminal damage to account for the items which were broken during the incident.