Taxi drivers to help crime-fight in new scheme

LOCAL taxi drivers are set to become the “eyes and ears” of Scarborough and Filey as part of a new scheme which is being launched to slash crime and boost protection of late night revellers as the summer season dawns.

Drivers in Scarborough and Filey who sign up to Taxi Watch will have a direct radio link to police and will be able to report incidents from witnessing a fight to spotting a vulnerable person who has had too much to drink.

Nippy Taxis, Station Taxis and Bee-Line Radio Cars in Scarborough have already undergone training and signed up to the scheme which is also due to be rolled out to Whitby as part of Scarborough Council’s wider focus on the night-time economy.

Other firms are expected to follow in the coming weeks and the scheme is expected to go live at the start of April.

While out on duty, drivers will be able to radio in any concerns to Scarborough’s CCTV hub where staff will be able to keep a watchful eye on events and alert police.

It will also boost protection for drivers, who will be able to alert police faster if they feel they are in danger while working.