Teen attacks ex partner’s flat with bleach and PVA glue

A teenager has been sent to Crown Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to trashing his ex-partners flat in a “revenge” attack.

Dale Leaf, 19, of Oxcliff, pleaded guilty before Scarborough Magistrates to charges of Burglary, Burglary with intent to cause damage, and Theft.

The court heard how Leaf had gone round to his ex partners flat in Beulah Terrace on April 28 this year, shortly after the complainant had ended their month long relationship, and caused £1,000 worth of damage.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting, said: “The defendant clearly hasn’t taken that too well.

“The defendant has been in drink and has gone round to the property knowing the complainant was on holiday. He got the spare key and went in to the property and caused damage.

“He used bleach on the bedding, carpets and furnishings, as well as PVA glue.

“He then left the property but returned later the same day and took several items including clothing, hair straightners and a TV. He also made himself something to eat while he was in the flat.

“The complainant has come back off holiday to find his flat trashed. It was clearly very distressing for him.”

Mrs Varlow told the court that when Leaf was arrested he told police he had issues with the complainant and in his own words said he wanted to get his own back. He confirmed he had gone there knowing the complainant was away for the week in Whitby for his birthday.

Mrs Varlow added: “In relation to the theft matter when police searched his property they recovered a mobile phone.”

Caroline Wyatt, mitigating, said Leaf, a trainee hairdresser, had suffered mental health problems after the break down of the relationship.

She said: “Not a pleasant incident and one that he certainly regrets. He is ashamed that he finds himself before the court.

“He is sorry and he knows he must be punished. He has never been before a court before, and has never been in trouble with the police.”

Magistrates committed the case to York Crown Court for sentencing, where it will be heard on July 20. Leaf was given unconditional bail.