Teen’s temper spills over in milk aisle

A Morrisons store
A Morrisons store

An Eastfield teenager responded to being called a “paedo” by repeatedly punching a schoolgirl’s face in Morrison’s milk aisle.

Ryan Hopkins punched his 15-year-old victim eight times after the girl confronted him about his interest in her younger sister.

The assault left her bloodied and bruised, and landed 18-year-old Hopkins in court for sentencing on Thursday May 22, having previously admitted assault.

Scarborough Magistrates heard how Hopkins, of Caymer Road, felt his victim “got what she deserved” after he repeatedly struck her before staff broke it up.

His victim felt that Hopkins’ interest in her little sister was “wrong” - but when she confronted him about it he threatened to kill her family.

And after being branded a “paedo”, he grabbed her left shoulder and repeatedly punched her.

Appearing for sentencing, his solicitor Robert Vining said Hopkins had been “mortified” at being called a “paedo”.

However, Mr Vining added that his client recognised he’d behaved in a “disgraceful” way.

The court heard the victim had “been in his face” before Hopkins snapped.

But Mr Vining said his client had moved on following the ugly scenes at the Eastfield store on April 9.

And discussing what he would do if Hopkins encountered his victim now, he added: “He would probably cross the road and walk the other way.”

Hopkins, who the court heard had several previous convictions including arson and burglary, was given an 18 month community order.

The terms of the order include 18 months supervision, and Hopkins must undergo a thinking skills programme. He was also told to complete 200 hours unpaid work, ordered top pay £150 compensation and a £60 surcharge.